Practice Areas

The likelihood of earning more money from a case increases when you hire an attorney who’s primary practice area is injury law. Carolyn Crowley is on her 23rd year fighting for injury victims. Don’t hire someone who knows a little bit about everything – hire someone who knows injury law.

Motorcycle Accidents

Practice Areas - Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle accidents get my personal attention. I will help get your bike fixed and help manage the demands from insurance companies and medical providers.

Car/Truck Accidents

Practice Areas - Car and Truck Accidents
We are all “cagers” at some point! Although an enclosed vehicle provides extra protection, injuries still occur and damages are costly.

Injuries from Products

Practice Areas - Faulty Product Injuries
Sometimes cars, wheelchairs, guns, appliances and other products malfunction and cause injuries. If you are are victim, I will fight for your interests.

General Injuries

Practice Areas - General Injuries
I handle a variety of cases including slip-and-falls, food poisonings, and property damage.

Negligent Security

Practice Areas - Negligent Security
Businesses have a duty to provide a safe environment. If you are a crime victim, you may deserve compensation. Cases typically involve apartment complexes, business offices, bars, grocery stores and theme parks.

Nursing Home Injuries

Practice Areas - Nursing Home Injuries
The CDC says between 25% and 50% of people 85 years or older have some form of dementia. The elderly can’t fend for themselves easily and they depend on us to report neglect.
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